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's g ain.agbetest teadyrephia th rerolostedflor with f ing,gu isy at 4thg will be a ho today. outside right now, sticky, the humidity is up. we are dry right now. that's going to change, though, later on in the day. especially this evening. let's get to thepe t swou just h is ailiate 69. cooler in the lehigh valley at 76 for reading and 74 for atlantic city, mt. holly at fr wilmington. the humidity is up this morning as it tends to be in the morning and drops a little in the afternoon. however, the humidity will still be up. it won't bnd uncomfortable as last week. you'll notice the humidity definitely around for the afternoon. here's the forecastoday. 00 m. 76, mi w 11egut ev fhee re.rea, down thei- h day rprussia, route 202 as.iet rlook
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outhere the interchange with the pennsylvaniaurnpike and 76. the vine street expressway is quiet in both directions. that's clear between 76 and 95. for drivers in new jersey i am following construction on the 42 freeway, though it's not causing delays right now. it's thebeefvored eaand tic. it's still something to be aware of on the northbound side and dogs, well, they'rbegginfor it. between route 168 and route 544, neard is for dogs only. roving construction out there, m and hasn'teen evaluated for e in veight c e er4:32. diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use wit eizus. we're following breaking news out of bucks county where one person is dead and two others are hurt after a shooting in remmended by vfromof plus bristol. investigators are working inside two homes in the 900 block of hain philadelphia the indepen aration ofg visitors to areadi aids fr en windor drive. we heard from the police enas fiant abof go >>e looking for anfourth person in this. domeit's a fevenf visitors wl also get a free copy of the document. yourst a t three victims were inside the two homes off in the distance. one person was dead inside the
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home. one victim was inside the home with that dead person and then a florendo. crank up the orsure. you'll need it, with the second victim ran next door to the house next door, close to temperatures getng back to the the camera position seebing 90s. we'l havehat againoday a tomoow help. this all happened just a few hours ago. unfounately. also there are thunderstorms in the forest, specifically later again, police don't know exactly what prompted the shooting. we talked to the police ils lieutenant just a few minutes dew point, the humidity goes up or tomorrow, too. ago. >> it was very quiet. po coo spot the board. we had no reports of anything. in fact, our first idea that anything was wrong was when one pottstown 72 for of the victims went to a neighbor's house. at this point, there were no wees 73, reports of any gunshots in the milllle 75 right now. as weak ig. neighborhood to find out cast, dry throughout muching.asy exactly what kind neighborhood police are working with here. i'll have those numbers coming n ve for wheree e couldet sever weatherater in ay. prstelphigtsatreheire at this also shows usto we have another threat of more storms back in the forect for ur wednesdayain. at least three people were especially in e af in ernintoo. that's something we will be arrested after hundreds of watching as the storms sta to people filled the street in front of the firehouse that is push theiray in across the just around the corner from the scene of saturdasrek region. temperatures for the day today,
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90s. 91 for allentown,erto . tpart fnt about 30 te you have the best chance ofthun. sangearly mayor mha and a time line shows that it 93 fortrenton, mt. holly, took five minutes for crews to get to the scene from the time of the initial call. doylestown low0s r you, r atlantic city. 4-year-old twin sisters and a pe may at ofstor 4-year-old boy and his infant this will be later on in the evenin for the she. other died in that fire. of course, the beaches, happening today, philadelphia, the high today 94 politicians, teachers, students, all watching this one. degrees, chester a 93 along the pennsylvania senate will vote on a cigarette tax that withwechester. wilmington 93 and sb would benefit the philadelphia school district greatly. the $2 per pack tax would gh the coming up in a few minutes, generate as much as $45 million we'll have another update right this year for the school here on nbc 10. district and almost 90 million 20 minutes till 5:00. during subsequent years. the senate is expected to pass if you're getting ready to head the bill. out the 's y it will go to governor tom corbett who is expected to sign r arellia it. mean tile, pennsylvania accidents to rept on any lawmakers will hold a public me bres itown for us. >> happening now we have no highwa at t hour. we have on on a ramp. no delays on the bridges and we meeting today over a boil advisory that affected six are still dealing with some of the overnight construction, especially out in chester montgomery county townships back in may. more than 18,000 customers in county, route 202. the northbound side atest valley road. east and west norriton, and u can see down he with all ewe arehtidref route eveually
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others communities were affected. allegheny and girard. customers had no would thor things are quiet there. pressure or low water pressure the broad street off ramp, a for four days. single vehicle accident. we have a tow truck on the officials from pennsylvania sce. it's really not causing proems american water will testify at for drivers out there. this morning's hearing at the no big delays associated with this as you can see. west norriton township building. it's something for you toe aware of. anguish without answers. later today, lawmakers and >> a cing union leaders will hold a news conference on the future of for two lal enagers. atlantic city. >> they wer mddisappea lney h a they're going to discuss plans for economic development in that city over the next five years. century agothe reason why it to decades to sort it all out. a a. officials will alscl theofsino. the catholic church leader asks the show boat is cng at the for forgiveness. end ofaugust. more than 2,000 workers will be hat'e the al out of aç job once that happen. don't be alarmed if you hear alarms this eveng in south jerseyndre emergency management agencies wi conduct a test of s hope creek nuclear generating systems alert systems. sirens will be going off between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. tonight. get ready for that. warn thepets, too. people jump into action as a man needed some help at a local amusement park while he was
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being robbed. t> plus,oumo fhed fourth.> and' innd lik ide, ma syle skies. warm this morning in the upper 70s. we'll have a look at you firale. ar an y the fac arm rsfr® .you can't record that many shows at once.
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oo wht t'e the al why? ituav. oo wht t'e the al up to s record up to 12 show. why? block ofwindor drive. weriv on s d uminute ago. they say two of theere d e. vicean a next door to get help. nbc 10'sesse jary is working th he'll have a live report town. c wh him for a live report a5:00 a.m. two me after a shooting in for philadelphia's wissinoming
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neighborhood. sus may have yerescreulyonrt thftereralerrmers ud foul lange oblited t make therte as lyly> mi a teenage girlom peayhe stiver received her remainsm e berks un theyappeed in longsd in a potters fi s thoninde until it. we want someone to come forward and g uree rest of this. >> no one connected the dots caus there w no internet or missing person data bases back then. 4:45 would-beobbe was sed in
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his tracks at an cite happene sunday night. police say after drexel graed his. ho a rnginpolice cld thhense ked .ndarge oa d h and eyoit tree branch. the riders were on the ninja roller coaster at six flags magic mountain. the plea plane fuselages we re r montana. the plane bodiesn atrain that w iledast thursday. boeing is assessing whether the fuselages were damaged. the cause ofheer is still iestiti>>lding expected to testify in court today at a trial ov t pd the los an the trial cld det
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whether his shelly ste comet t team.the foe clippers after donald sterling admiedg rtmments owroloed sg an has a judgeed nioro hiwaitg trial on aurchargehe'sil i e t hernandez canransfer to a jail dedil b cases. rope'siestorin evicw airpor ttair dh themf they can be turned on at security checkupons. al tto prodebomb t wountected through airport security. pope francis is asking for forgivs he t victims of sex abuse and vowing to hold bishops accountable. the pope held his first meengs yesterday with survivors of abuse. he spoke with six victims and celebrat mas with them at tvati.
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some groups in the u.s. inea e, left .lled e hits southn iteddes s iece hiok authorities aretellingtaut this lake because a s crodi in this lakir sp ek. that's why you need to stay out tnghe of the lake. >> .s peg.wildlife c ao rem t ln thursday. good luck to them. weather with meteorologist tedd florendo. >> no need to tell me to stay out of that lake, that's for sure. outside right now, it's warm this morning. it's going to be another hot day today. we've got a hot streak of several days in the 90s. we hit the 90s yesterday. today, also same story and also probably the 90s for tor that w moreil storms are in the forect for the da today. they'll feel more humid today, too and also for tomorrow.
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so the humidity is slowly creeping up. beautiful sunrise sh coast. hav clear us theal s tohiure, t mptates ur,ea righw. f tren 72 for pottstown and trenton, this morning. right around the mid-70s at this hour. we're keeping our eye on severe weather. it looks like at this point those areas north and west, specifically berkscounty, lancaster county, lehigh valley, a chance of severe weather later on today and this evening, some of the storms could produce downpours along with strong winds and maybe some hail alo thito. will be watching it. when can we expect çit? not really this morning. the afternoon i when we see the line start tshth erhours, wt os r c ld push into the philadelphia, down the i-95 corridor and millville, to
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y, , pa sby noon already at 90 deees. thgh for the day tod be 94 degrees. the hottest day of the at 90egrees for wednesday. so we're still in the 90s for tomorrow. looks like we'll finally dry out friday and saturday. unfortunately, sunday, yes, the chance of showers and storms >> it is nine minutes roads for you fo atching all o cameras and various other sources of information, nbc 10 traf reporter jillian mele. atas95 sd strera. ce bd. good. lymoh meetg, weav nl spt el repnht n conshohockenrea, a disabled vehicle. drivelethisoosute 22t airport . you can see traic is moving dire nth fine there in both n
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get aut nbc 10's especiallyight near ladale. grant challenger nonprofi. it called 21st century solutions. we want you to help us spread the word about . it a $,0 grant and two o turn tg them free ne applications are being accepted until gust can apply on e adelphia zoo offered up a c l som ito special needs chilc 10 worthstn human services facility oriladed the kids w trth rchinchillas. they also got to pet the im> harade flo fireworks this mng inut yayenre
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after a neighborhood gun fight in camden county sent a teenage. 13-year-old tia hudson was sound asleep within a str bullet piro the lower back. two men were involved in the gun fight in winslow township. we spoke with the victim's mother who wants the sto come forward immediately. >> they to turn themselves in. they're going to get them with all of this kind of stuff. they have to look at the fact that they have kids. it seems like they were shooting in the air instead of somebody. the bullets went everywhere. >> along with the teenager,
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another woman was hurt by debris when her home across the street was also hit by stray bulls. the chester upland school district as has a newlhe legislature and the department than e state of education to eliminate a remaining budget deficit of more than $12 million. people in chester joined the law enforcement to call for an end to violence. district attorney jake whalen and city leaders hit the streets with neighbors for this march yesterday afternoon. the safety walk is part of operation city surge. it's men to the help increase the dialogue between police and the community. this comes as the city continues to fight gun violence. four minutes before 5:00 right now. 24 stores in washington state will begin selling marijuana da voters there app recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21. the law created a license system for growing and selling the drug. as the only store ineattle
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li to ll marijuana, a line began forming yesterday. authorities say firefighters are making good progress against a wildfire. they say triple digit temperatures and gusty winds could cause a fire to get closer to homes today. the fire is about 75 miles north of san francisco. it's 45% contain. no reports of injuries. the cause is unknown. a fourth of july parade alibra n february february is ni mannequinit sd maays he didot my disrespect. re americans are opting not to have land lines in their home. four out of ten houses use only cell es.onpertseo ar ly kinuseinter cable xaclass t fin i sedhat sh clean o ad howard payne university. >> i love you for finding my ring. >> no problem. >> and for taking the tame to
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find out whoç it belongs to. it's a miracle. >> that's pretty cool. the owner says she felt like she lost a part of herself when they lost that ring. she's grateful to have it back. u'bc 10ings can come fromlakeas. rtoy m. 10in rigtol,un of ple shootionede, twot tracy dav. let's talk about today's heat that is upon us. meorologist tedd florendo in the first a w >> tod b unfortunately. at will be t case again for foam, too. outside this morning, mainly clear skies, another beautiful morning as we take a look at the aramark buildin and the horizon there.s
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righw toms river. let's show you what we can partntlyre ty to philadelph eect t planner, hour-by-hour ok. fothe mostart it should be 0077. by 1:00, hot. 5:00 p. des. that will beheh todtethl id bf of course those thunderstorms will be back again for tomorrow, thrnhit oil b evening. s goffith e >> goo morning tyou,ted. espely tastbouidefr e benraid. no delaysich hese hease w ofheth site
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